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The Al Capones at License No. 1


License No. 1
2115 13th St 80302 Boulder United States
The lead voice of The Alcapones, Shaun draws inspiration for The Alcapones’ original songs from spending time in a community-based dome in the Front Range, where he talks in accents and thrives off of food from the dumpster. No big deal.

In addition to staying in tune with the rest of the band for each song, Jake lays down the pocket grooves for The Alcapones ~ intertwining influences from Rock and Metal music with Ska and Reggae.

I’ve been playing for 18billion years. I keep playing because this is what my cosmic hat is in this universe…. I’m doing what I’m doing now because in my past 9 lives I started several compositions I never finished, so, this life was like a next life resolution to complete pieces I didn’t finish before I died last go-round..

Tom Buswell is the trombone player for The Alcapones and a resident of Boulder, Colorado. While he’s not hyperventilating into his instrument, you can find him skiing/fishing in the mountains, enjoying/slinging cocktails downtown, or galavanting about in Wyoming.
For the record, Michter’s is not in Tom’s budget, but would make for a thoughtful Birthday/Christmas/Arbor Day present.

Amazing! Wise Sam, The Maestro, brings the old school ska and blue beat feel to The Alcapones’ music using a vast brain library of vintage ska and reggae knowledge. He’s also part of a rippin’ Denver ska/punk band The Repercussions. When he isn’t playing gigs or working the overnight shift at the local homeless shelter, he spends his spare hours spelunking in deep internet caves for long-since buried and forgotten recordings that spark inspiration for new horn lines and song sections.

A true warrior, he’s up til well past midnight many nights playing music with The Alcapones, and still goes to work at the farm the next day at 5am ~
My favorite food is BBQ baby! Pork, cole slaw and cornbread. I also eat tacos everyday. Started playing this music on guitar years ago, when a friend introduced me to Burning Spear. The love grew from there. From Davenport, IA. Been out here 7 years. Favorite artist is Miles Davis. Enjoy playing all kinds of music, but I love the positivity of playing The Alcapones music. I’m ready to take The Alcapones all over the country!