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VooDoo Lily at License No. 1


License No. 1
2115 13th St 80302 Boulder United States
Music begins at 9pm in License No. 1 with VooDoo Lily!

"In August of 2001, four guys Billy Hurt, Anthony Contreras, Paul Vassina, and Bill Collins formed what would become just the first installment of Voodoo Lily, over the past 5 years we've had separate line ups with Chris Owen (guitar) and Patrick Mars (Drums), but two original members have remained the core of the band. We now have a very solid line up all members are now dedicated to creating and performing music with no boundaries except the boundaries that are within the walls of Music, we are a heavy and melodic band, we were playing solos in 2001 before it was cool to do so and have never strayed from our sound no matter what has been going on around us, we do what we do and either you like us or you dont, we wont change for anyone (except maybe for any interested record execs. For a small fee of course Ha!) We are Voodoo Lily, Anthony Contreras, Billy Hurt, Mark (Thumbs) and Kevin Beal."